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Lavender 7in1      (144 Kits)

Product Details

🔥🔥🔥 The All New Clair 7in1
⭐  Now Come 144 Kits Per Box. 

⭐ A Secret To A Unforgettable Spa-Like Experience. From Beautiful Style To The Wonderfull Benefits Using Clair Pedi Gift. Clair Pedi Gift Include Bath Bomb, Jojoba Beads Scrub, Collagen Mask, Massage Cream, Pumice Stone, Nail Buffer, and Nail File.

⭐ Our Bath Bomb Have A Natural Healing Properties and Scents Of Purpose. It Helps Detox, Clean, Deodorize, Repair Skin, and Strengthen Blood Vessels To Promote Amazing Skin Softening. Our Scents Provide Aromatherapy Benefits That Stay On Your Skin All Day. 

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