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Bomb Spa Trial Kit (Pre Order)
Bomb Spa Trial Kit (Pre Order)

❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥  Sample kit includes Cherry Blossom, Peony Orchid, Melon Mango, Hawaii Citrus, Tea Party, Red Carpet, French Lavender, Mother Of Pearl, and Crazy Rich. 

❤️‍🔥  Bomb Spa Introduce 10in1 Pedi Box. Happy Feet Start With Pedi Bomb.

⭐  Pedi Bomb: Helps To Relax, Improve Circulation, Detoxify, And Soothe Your Skin.

⭐  Natural Dry Flowers:  Enhance Your Skin And Mood.

⭐  Heel Treatment:  Help Break Down And Soften Callus In Seconds.

⭐  Disposable Kit: Come With Pumice, File, Buffer, And Toe Separator So Clients Can Have A Safe Pedicure Experience.

⭐  Sea Salt Exfoliation:  Is A Oil Free Scrub. Compared To Other Oily Scrubs Will Cover Pores And Leave Impurities Behind.

⭐  Collagen Treatment: Rejuvenates The Skin By Deeply Moisturizing And Boosting Collagen Production Which Eventually Reduces Fine Lines And Wrinkles. 

⭐Collagen Cream: It Contains The Most Important Building Blocks For Elasticity, It Promotes Soft Skin For A More Youthful, Radiant, And Healthier Look.

📦  50 Kits Per Box. 

🔥  Bomb Spa! Like No Other.

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